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"Fundamentals of Watercolors"

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The Design Process
Developing sketches from photos and life to use as planning tools for making good paintings

Value Studies
We'll take our sketches and decide on where the lights and darks are in our compositions

How to Handle Watercolors
Learn how to determine the correct water to paint ratio, what kind of brush strokes can be made,
washes, dry brush and wet-into-wet application

How to Mix Colors
We use a limited palette of warm and cool primary colors, plus a nuetral brown.
Using a limited palette gives us color harmony.

Demos, Paint Alongs & Critiques
I will demonstrate a topic and we will paint along to give you hands on experience.
We will also have periodic critiques so you get the feedback you need to improve.

The goal is to get students comfortable working with watercolor and understand this beautiful
transparent medium. We will work from still life set ups and landscape photographs.

Fridays 10:00 am to 1:00 pm

Beginner to Intermediate Students

Dates to be posted soon!

The Arts of Great Falls School
756 Walker Road (on the Village Green)
Great Falls, Virginia 22066


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